New Zealand Hydrogen Symposium 2024

31.01-02.02.2024 – Te Papa, Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand

NZHS2 2024 is an international research symposium bringing together the latest work supporting the development of a global hydrogen economy.

Themes this year will include the production, storage, distribution, and utilisation of green hydrogen as well as whole-of-system considerations and the techno- and socio-economic effects of our coming hydrogen economy.

Plenary speakers include:

  • Prof Rose Amal – ARC Laureate Fellow, University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Prof Bruno Pollet – President of the Green Hydrogen Division, International Association for Hydrogen Energy, Canada
  • Dr Patrick Hartley – Mission Leader, CSIRO Hydrogen Industry Mission, Australia
  • Mr Ohira Eiji – Department Director General, NEDO, Japan
  • Prof Ajayan Vinu – Director GICAN, The University of Newcastle, Australia
  • Dr Claudio Pistidda – Head of Department of Materials Design, Helmholtz Zentrum Hereon, Germany
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