NIER welcomes Investment NSW hydrogen delegation

23 November 2023

On Wednesday, 25 October 2023, NIER welcomed a delegation of visitors who had a keen interest in hydrogen research to the precinct.

Investment NSW coordinated the delegation’s visit to Newcastle before their journey to Sydney for the 2023 Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition.

NIER’s Deputy Director Mr Pierre Gouhier explained how NIER delivers solutions for global challenges by focusing on industry collaboration, world-class research and education.

Associate Professor Tom Honeyands, Director of the Centre for Ironmaking Materials Research (CIMR), and PhD Candidate Nathan Barrett invited the delegation into the CIMR Burden Lab where they investigate hydrogen’s application in the blast furnace for low carbon steelmaking.

Dr Jamie Dickinson from the Centre for Innovative Energy Technologies (CINET) showcased CINET’s workshop where they conduct projects which focus on decarbonisation and renewable energy technologies including hydrogen. 

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