Land and Primary Industries Network Collaborative Projects Funding Program

Call for Proposals 2023

The Land and Primary Industries (LPI) Network Collaborative Projects Funding Program has been established to provide an impetus for innovation enabled by collaboration between LPI Network Partner organisations and other, NSW-based industry, government or community organisations. The Program supports collaborative activities to advance the development and adoption of technologies, services or practices relevant to the decarbonisation of the land sector and dependent industries, with co-benefits for the environment, people and economy of NSW.

Consortia of eligible organisations are invited to apply for grants for collaborative activities in line with the LPI Network Strategy and Workplan 2023-26.

Grants are available through two funding streams, with the maximum funding amounts specified below:

  • Stream 1 – Projects up to $200,000 per project. This stream is primarily open to innovative, collaborative research and development activities that are able to demonstrate a credible pathway to impact through commercialisation, adoption or deployment of a technology, service, approach or tool, yielding quantifiable emissions abatement and co-benefits. Medium term (2030-35) benefits will be weighted higher relative to longer-term (2035-2050) benefits in the assessment of proposals.
  • Stream 2 – Scoping studies $10,000-$30,000 per project. This stream will support collaborative activities with lower, indirect or longer-term expected translation outcomes, including seed projects to pilot a new technology, approach or partnership. Desktop and/or consultation-based reviews and assessments, and activities geared towards impact through capacity building and outreach, commercialisation, or policy innovation, may also be supported.

Proposed activities should align with one of the six Priority Focus Areas identified in the LPI Network Strategy 2023-26. Other topics aligned with the overall scope of the LPI Network as defined in the LPI Network Workplan 2023-26 may be considered if a particularly strong and credible case for prospective decarbonisation and co-benefits is made.

Up to $1,000,000 in funding will be allocated through the Call for Proposals 2023.

This program is funded by the NSW Environmental Trust and Partner Organisations of the NSW Decarbonisation Innovation Hub. Successful applicants will enter into a project agreement with Western Sydney University, as the host of the LPI Network.

Eligibility requirements, eligible costs, assessment criteria, and details regarding contracting, reporting, treatment of intellectual property, privacy and confidentiality are detailed in the Grant Guidelines, available at the bottom of this page.

Applications must be developed using the Application Form and Budget Template provided at the links below.

Applications must be submitted by e-mail to no later than 5 PM on 15 December, 2023.

Enquiries may be directed to

Key dates

Round 1 Applications open 10 November 2023
Round 1 Applications close 5 PM, 15 December 2023
Eligibility review December 2023
Application Assessment February 2024
Notification of outcome February 2024
Contracting and allocation of funding March 2024
Project commencement May-July 2024
Projects must end by 30 June 2026

Application Documents