Offshore Wind – Network Capability

17 November 2023

Offshore Wind power generation is a complex undertaking that draws on multiple disciplines to ensure successful planning, design, installation and operations phases. Projects must be successful for the proponents, sensitive to the local communities, for the environment and for provision of economic, reliable and safe power to populations. They also need to accord with the needs of government agencies from Energy, Environment, Finance,

The NSW Decarbonisation Innovation Hub (the Hub) is in the position to provide capabilities to specific industries, supported by the capabilities of its University Partners and Partner Government Agencies. The Electrification and Energy Systems Network (EESN) is an active network in the Hub and has been established to address these interdisciplinary challenges; the Network is delighted to put forward a combined offshore wind capability statement from its university partners: University of Newcastle; University of New South Wales; University Technology Sydney; University of Wollongong.

Each of our partners brings their particular strengths to bear in the area of offshore wind. EESN is proud to bring together these capabilities to meet the demands of the offshore wind community and government. Having local resources available to meet the exacting demands of the projects will enable local consultation and help turn around responses rapidly.

Read the Capability Statement