The Ammonia Energy Association holds APAC Conference in Newcastle

29 September 2023

From 16th-18th August, the fifth annual Ammonia Energy APAC conference was held in Newcastle. The annual event provided an opportunity for APAC’s growing ammonia energy community to network, knowledge share, and progress initiatives. This year’s theme was “answering the call to action”, with sessions dedicated to the key building blocks for ammonia energy: decarbonising existing assets, building regional ecosystems, international collaboration, certification, and power generation applications.

Laureate Professor Behdad Moghtaderi (Hunter Node/Expert Panel Member for Powerfuels including Hydrogen Network; Co-lead Electrification & Energy Systems Network) was invited to present on his work on “AMMONIAC: A Chemical Looping-Based Process for Production of Green Ammonia” as part of Commercialising distributed, next-gen ammonia synthesis session. More information on this project can be found here.

The Ammonia Energy Association (AEA) is a global non-profit industry association that promotes the responsible use of ammonia in a sustainable energy economy, encompassing both the decarbonisation of ammonia for existing applications, as well as the adoption of low-carbon ammonia in new applications.  Further events coordinated or supported by AEA can be found here.