Surface engineering of ultra-stable alloy catalysts for scalable green hydrogen production  

14 May 2024

The global community is actively pursuing solutions for green fuels in response to the escalating demand for clean energy, aiming to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050. Hydrogen energy emerges as a pivotal future carrier to replace fossil fuels, with water electrolysis offering a promising avenue for green hydrogen production using renewable energy-derived electricity. Despite this, Australia’s green hydrogen industry remains in its early stages due to limited large-scale water electrolysis commercialization. This project addresses a critical challenge: achieving high stability and efficiency of electrocatalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction at an industrial scale over extended periods.

Collaborating with Aquaticus Green Hydrogen (AGH2), a newly established Australian partner, this project aims to develop ultra-stable electrodes and an electrolyzer with the intention to expedite sustainable industry-scale green hydrogen production in Australia by advancing corrosion-resistant alloy catalysts through surface engineering. Additionally, the project aims to design a commercial-scale and new structured electrolyzer (2Nm2/h) with reduced H2 bubble accumulation and enhanced catalytic performance. This project contributes to technical innovation in green hydrogen production, positioning Australia as a key player in carbon-zero fuels.

Aquaticus Green Hydrogen Pty. Ltd. (AGH2) is a pioneering startup situated within the University of Sydney Knowledge Hub. AGH2 specializes in the development of state-of-the-art electrolyzers for green hydrogen production. Through the utilization of innovative materials, catalysts, and processes, AGH2 has achieved groundbreaking advancements in both PEM and ALK electrolysis technologies, facilitating cost-effective and high-performance hydrogen generation. Committed to sustainability, AGH2 harnesses renewable energy sources and recycled greenhouse gases to manufacture clean and dependable fuel on an industrial scale. Our solutions meet the escalating demand for green energy alternatives, providing clients with a pathway to reduce carbon emissions and progress toward a more sustainable future. AGH2’s unwavering dedication to innovation and sustainability positions us as frontrunners in the green hydrogen sector, poised to catalyze positive environmental change and cater to the evolving demands of the market.

Project Lead: Prof Jun Huang, University of Sydney

Project Partners:  Aquaticus Green Hydrogen Pty. Ltd. 

Anticipated Project Timeline:  June 2024 – May 2025