Statement to NSW Government’s Response to the Electricity Supply and Reliability Check Up (Recommendation 51)

5 October 2023

NSW has been working towards a transition to renewable energy for electricity generation to deliver environmental and economic benefits from decarbonising. This transition is aimed at reducing carbon emissions, improving energy reliability, and making energy more affordable for communities and businesses. To identify any potential gaps or areas of improvement within the existing energy policy frameworks and infrastructure, NSW Government conducted an Electricity Supply and Reliability Check Up (Electricity Check Up), an independent assessment by Marsden Jacob Associates.

Out of the 54 recommendations, 50 recommendations have been accepted by the NSW Government with 44 receiving full endorsement, 3 receiving partial support, and 3 already in progress or completed.

NSW Government’s response to the Check Up is a significant development in the state’s energy policy landscape, encompassing a range of actions such as policy adjustments, infrastructure investments, and regulatory changes. This sends strong signals to NSW Decarbonisation Innovation Hub (Decarb Hub)’s partners and members for continued commitment from NSW Government to implement the NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap to facilitate the transition and decarbonisation of the electricity sector for net zero target.

Positive feedback has been received from the Powerfuel including Hydrogen Network (PFH Network) stakeholders supporting NSW Government’s response to Recommendation 51, which is the commissioning of a future-looking study on the electricity infrastructure to support a hydrogen industry (Rec 51 Study).

Lead author: Denny Gunawan

Download the PFHN Statement to Energy Supply Check Up Recommendation (51)