Compressor-free high-pressure hydrogen delivery system 

14 May 2024

Hydrogen plays a pivotal role in decarbonisation as a versatile and clean energy carrier. There is increasing interest in hydrogen’s use as a fuel for transport and as the energy carrier for energy storage and delivery. In practice, hydrogen refuelling stations and backup power require hydrogen to be delivered at high pressure over 500 bar. High-pressure hydrogen required for these applications is currently produced by compressing hydrogen via multiple mechanical compressors which is energy-intensive and requires high maintenance.

This project aims to develop a compressor-free high-pressure hydrogen delivery system based on hydrolysis of sodium borohydride (NaBH4). NaBH4’s properties including its high hydrogen capacity of 10.8 wt% and its ability to release H2 in a closed vessel to >1000 bar via hydrolysis lend itself to deliver H2 in a chemically controlled manner. These lay solid technical foundation for NaBH4 based high-pressure hydrogen delivery. The intended outcomes of this project are to deliver a fresh perspective on a hydrogen delivery system, that compared with conventional compressor-based systems, can provide a more economical, efficient and safe source of high-pressure H2.

KRWhytec is an Australian-owned distributor and solution provider specialising in hydrogen fuel cell engines and hydrogen power generators. With a commitment to sourcing cutting-edge technologies, KRWhytec aims to spearhead the hydrogen revolution in Australia. KRWhytec actively supports research and development initiatives, particularly in the area of compressor-free high-pressure hydrogen delivery technology.

Project Lead: Rui Han, University of Technology Sydney

Project Partner:  KRWhytec Pty Ltd

Anticipated Project Timeline:  June 2024 – May 2025