Japanese Delegation visits NSW to explore hydrogen research

22 September 2023

In August, a delegation of more than 50 Japanese industry and government leaders, including the Governor of Fukuoka Prefecture and senior executives from Toyota Motor, Nippon Steel, Kyushu Electric and others, visited NSW, Australia to explore opportunities to partner on hydrogen research.   

Fukuoka, Japan is home to many Toyota factories, steel fabrication and other heavy industries. The prefecture has established a plan to diversify its industries by building a regional hydrogen supply chain with an estimated 4-million-tonne import demand by 2050.  

Kyushu University recently partnered with Taiyo Sangyo to advance a pure water production system for hydrogen generation and are looking for emerging opportunities to partner with Australian universities, prompting a visit to the University of Newcastle, supported by Investment NSW and the Department of Regional NSW.  

The delegation undertook a site tour of the Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources, including the Priority Research Centre for Frontier Energy Technologies and Utilisation (PRC FETU) workshop. PRC FETU Director, Laureate Professor Behdad Moghtaderi showcased various research projects and technologies he is undertaking with his team in the hydrogen space, including those associated with the NSW Decarbonisation Innovation Hub and Trailblazer program.