Zero Carbon Research Initiative (WSU)

23 August 2023

The planetary life support systems of future generations are being compromised by climate change. Transitioning to a zero-carbon economy and society will help protect the ecological systems that people, plants, animals and cultures depend upon. We need bold actions to ensure this transition.

Responding to this need, the four Research Themes have bundled their energy and resources to progress work that falls inside the broad Priority Area of Zero Carbon. This document represents a unique resource for academics, industry and government organisations that want to progress towards Zero Carbon. It captures the first of a series of three symposia organised by the Western Sydney University Research Theme Champions, held at 1 Parramatta Square in 2023. The events align with our Decadal Strategy Sustainability and Resilience 2030, reinforcing and ratifying the following Priority Statements:

  • Climate Action – Step up efforts to support climate action in our region.
  • Regenerative Systems – Value biodiversity linking human wellbeing to
    environmental health.
  • Resilient Cities – Enable urban resilience and adaptive capacity in our region.
    • Economic Transitions – Enact new visions for economic transitions through
    ethical economic and ecological relationships.
  • Partnerships – Collaborate with regional, national and international
    organisations across all sectors to deliver impact across these priority

The first symposium (March 2023) focussed on learning from expert researchers in the field of Zero Carbon. Industry needs are at the centre of the second symposium (August 2023). In the second symposium, participants will learn about the research needs of private industry, land and resource managers, government organisations and those active in the carbon abatement sector. The third event will be held in November 2023 and bring industry, government, not-for-profits and researchers together to co-design new interdisciplinary funding proposals to assist in the move to Zero Carbon.

The following Report contains transcripts from presentations made at the first symposium.

Download Zero Carbon Report