NSW Net Zero

16 July 2023

The Hub and its Networks were established following a detailed study that assessed opportunities for prosperity in a decarbonised and resilient NSW. The study details pathways to net zero that realise economic opportunities. The context for the study was the Net Zero Plan Stage 1: 2020-2030. NSW has committed to halving emissions by 2030* and achieving net zero by 2050. The Hub is one of a suite of policy and program measures that will make net zero possible, including an overhaul of electricity infrastructure and development of a hydrogen industry. This collection of resources provides background. 

* from 2005 levels 

01. NSW Net Zero Plan

02. NSW Decarbonisation Innovation Study

03. NSW Net Zero Plan Implementation Update

04. NSW Hydrogen Strategy

05. NSW Electricity Strategy (Detailed)

06. NSW Electricity Strategy (Overview)

07. NSW Transmission Infrastructure Strategy


Net Zero Emissions Dashboard | SEED Portal (nsw.gov.au)